Cooly Eco Adventures Featured by Juice 107.3

Published 2nd November 2021

The team at Cooly Eco Adventures was grateful to be recently featured by popular Gold Coast radio station Juice 107.3.

Whale watching Gold Coast - Whale breaching

We took hosts Elerrina and Jodie on a fun adventure to swim with whales right here on the Gold Coast which is one of our most unique and highly sought after experiences.

The group was lucky enough to find a group of whales and after just 10 minutes of watching them play, were able to get right into the water alongside them and discover the beautiful creatures for themselves.

Jodie explained, “I dove down a little and about 7m away from underneath us and it was this great big mumma whale with white speckles…She just cruised under us and her eyes were just looking at us.”

Juice 107.3 published an article documenting the entire incredible experience, which you can READ HERE.

Swimming with whales is truly an unforgettable experience, and at Cooly Eco Adventures we endeavor to be as eco and fauna friendly as well – which means we leave no trash behind, and we do not chase, touch, or disturb the whales for the sake of getting close. We let the whales decide if they would like to interact with us.

If you’d love to try our Swimming with Whales experience please Contact Us.

Swim with Whales on the Gold Coast. Exclusive to Cooly Eco Adventures

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