Best Time to Swim With Turtles Gold Coast

Published 12th October 2021: Summer is approaching which is the best time to swim with turtles on the Gold Coast. Book a turtle tour with Cooly Eco Adventures and get up close and personal with the beautiful shelled creatures who call the Gold Coast waters home. Our expert team is dedicated to making the entire process eco-friendly and will guide you to have the best experience.

During this swim you may see the loggerhead, green and leatherback turtles. The sea turtles which frequent our waters are a protected species. We are privileged to swim with them in their natural habitat, but it is important that we don’t swim near the nesting sites during the winter season April-August.

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Why Swim with Turtles on the Gold Coast?

Swimming with turtles is truly an amazing experience and our experienced guides will ensure you see these underwater creatures in their natural habitat. Swimming with turtles on the Gold Coast will give you a greater understanding of the world’s oceans and their inhabitants.

So swim with turtles on the Gold Coast, aboard a tour with Cooly Eco Adventures for an unforgettable swim during your next holiday to the Gold Coast.

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