We specialise in eco conscious Gold Coast whale watching tours throughout the stunning Queensland and New South Wales coastal border region.

This includes:

  • Gold Coast whale watching tours
  • Swimming with Whales
  • Dolphin and Turtle Safaris
  • Snorkeling Tours and
  • Private Charters.

our mission

To be the most environmentally conscious, informative and fun seafaring adventure company in Australia. 

We endeavour to deliver an unparalleled ocean experience for patrons which is fun and illuminating, providing education in the areas of ocean conservation, marine life and ecology, whether that be whale watching tours, swimming with whales or lots more.

We love the ocean, we love the marine life within it and we want nothing more than to share that love and passion with you! 

With a love of the environment comes a strong devotion to environmental sustainability. Our goal is to stop further deterioration of our planet and its oceans, by educating and encouraging a shift in human behaviour toward a more symbiotic relationship with nature. 

An important part of our everyday schedule is to ensure that this business helps provide opportunity for continued research and education, particularly around whales. We partake in and assist with academic and altruistic research activities.

Our Marine Biologist (Blaise Hodgson) will be leading the research charge with ongoing partnerships at local schools and universities.

We hope to inspire your love of the ocean with our Gold Coast whale watching tours and other eco adventures activities.

The vessel

Cooly Eco Adventures operates with a customised commercial safari style open ocean RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) vessel, at 32ft in length and seating 12 guests plus captain and crew.

It is an efficient, fast and fun vessel offering the most intimate encounters available for Gold Coast whale watching.

The vessel provides ‘jockey’ seating, which offers a secure, comfortable and fun means of travel. Each seat opens up to provide water-tight storage for valuables.

Perfectly geared for off-shore Gold Coast water adventure, it is powered by two best-in-class 250HP Suzuki Engines, allowing us to cover greater distances quickly and efficiently, with less fuel burn. This ultimately means more successful whale watching and marine life encounters for you!

snorkeling boat

Here are some things we do to reduce our environmental impact

  • Biodegradable

    We use Biodegradable and reef friendly cleaning products and provide reef safe sunscreen onboard. This helps reduce the impact of harsh chemicals on the reef and marine life.

  • Plastic free wherever possible

    We have reduced our single use plastic waste or cut it out entirely wherever we can.

  • No touch, no take

    All our guests are informed about the marine life they are going to see in and out of the water. A no touch, no take policy implemented on all tours, ensures minimal disturbance to marine life.

  • Minimal marine emissions

    The boat’s engines are serviced and updated regularly to ensure efficiency and minimal emissions. The engines are two best in-class Suzuki 250hp with a fuel burn of approx 50L Per tour

  •  A Clean, Green machine.

    The company Troop Carrier has been upgraded to a Hydrogen enhancing fuel system, which has increased the mileage by 40% and reduce 99% of the emissions coming out the tail pipe!!

  • Composting

    We compost our food scraps, leftovers and our coffee cups so that less ends up in landfill.

  • Uniforms

    All crew uniforms our made from recycled materials and are fair trade certified.

  • Wetsuits

    Our wetsuits are made from renewable Yulex natural rubber. It is tapped from the Hevea tree that can produce rubber for over 30 years. It replaces conventional non-renewable neoprene. They are also fair trade certified. Having said that, Gold Coast waters are generally fairly warm during whale watching tour season.)

Swim with Whales on the Gold Coast. Exclusive to Cooly Eco Adventures

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