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Gold Coast Whale Season 2023 is Here

June 14, 2023

Whale hello there. It is THAT time of the year again (our favourite time) when the Humpback Whales migrate north, passing our coast line off the Gold Coast, Coolangatta and Tweed Heads, on the East Coast of Australia. In fact, we like to refer to the Gold Coast as ‘Humpback Highway’ because between May and […]

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish

March 15, 2023

Up above the world so high, like shimmering diamonds in the sky, are billions and billions of stars that light up our nights. Below the surface of the ocean, however, is a different kind of star, and unlike the stars in the sky, we get to see these ones up close on our snorkelling tours. […]

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Give Me Some Fin and Let’s Work Together!

March 15, 2023

Do you like to snorkel and immerse yourself in the underworld world? Are you a fan of Turtles and enjoy learning about sea life? Well you’re not alone there! There is so much to learn from the ocean while enjoying all that it offers. Turtles are incredible little survivors from the minute they hatch. They […]

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August 22, 2022

Questions regarding a whale’s vision and their ability to see like us has always been up for debate. The general consensus is that yes, whales can see with their eyes, but depending on the species, some whales do see better than others. Most whales are even thought to be color blind, but that doesn’t change […]

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The Gold Coast Bay Has Become A Birthing And Nursing Ground For Humpback Whales

August 22, 2022

As the climate continues to warm, a new and exciting phenomena that has transpired over the last couple of years has been our very own Gold Coast Bay becoming a birthing and nursing ground for humpback whales. Gold Coast whale watching is featuring more and more cow-calf pair sightings from Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta. This […]

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Snorkeling byron bay

Join Us for Snorkeling Byron Bay & Northern NSW

December 8, 2021

Published 8th December 2021 Join Lachlan and the rest of the Cooly Eco Adventures team for a morning of eco-conscious snorkeling in the ocean surrounding Byron Bay, Northern NSW and Tweed. You’ll enjoy the company and beauty that surrounds these turtles, marine life in general, as well as nature itself! A fun day out on […]

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Cooly Eco Adventures Featured by Juice 107.3

November 2, 2021

Published 2nd November 2021 The team at Cooly Eco Adventures was grateful to be recently featured by popular Gold Coast radio station Juice 107.3. We took hosts Elerrina and Jodie on a fun adventure to swim with whales right here on the Gold Coast which is one of our most unique and highly sought after […]

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Best Time to Swim With Turtles Gold Coast

October 12, 2021

Published 12th October 2021: Summer is approaching which is the best time to swim with turtles on the Gold Coast. Book a turtle tour with Cooly Eco Adventures and get up close and personal with the beautiful shelled creatures who call the Gold Coast waters home. Our expert team is dedicated to making the entire […]

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Dolphins and Whales Spotted Playing Near Kingscliff

July 29, 2021

Published 29th July, 2021: ABC Gold Coast recently published visuals of two large Humpback whales interacting with a pod of dolphins. The pod and the pair of whales appeared to be just “enjoying each other’s company” while moving through the cool Winter waters just off the coast of Kingscliff, NSW. Watch the video via Facebook […]

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Swim with whales Gold Coast - Whale Tail

Whale watching season Gold Coast – Megaptera novaeangliae / Humpback Whales

April 6, 2021

One of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth, happens just off the Gold Coast every year.   The distance of the great Humpback Whale migration is second only to the tiny artic Tern’s. A tiny 113g bird that follows a zigzagging route from Greenland to Antarctica! Humpback Whales, which are found in all oceans of […]

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Swim with Whales on the Gold Coast. Exclusive to Cooly Eco Adventures

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