Dispelling Shark Fears

Cooly Eco Adventures has a passion for the ocean and its wildlife. It is our greatest joy, taking you out to Cook Island (known as Joongurra-Narrian of the Bungjalung people) to experience the wonders of the ocean for yourselves. Yet, for many, this mesmerising landscape is overshadowed by a deep-seated fear of sharks. Often misunderstood and portrayed as ruthless predators, sharks deserve a fresh perspective that recognises their crucial role in marine ecosystems and dispels the unnecessary dread surrounding them.

Firstly, it’s essential to remember that humans are not a natural prey for sharks. These majestic creatures are primarily attracted to the smells and sounds of their natural prey, such as fish and seals. Incidents involving humans are cases of mistaken identity, as sharks rely on their keen senses to navigate the ocean. 

Secondly, sharks are critical in maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, by regulating the oceans’ health. In fact, every organism plays a crucial role in an ecosystem and if one of them is removed, all organisms in that community could feel the impact. 

Cook Island is known for the incredible interactions with its marine life. Getting up close and personal with the curious sea turtles and vibrant fish, also the various shark species, the leopard shark, blind shark and wobbegongs. These local Cook Island sharks aren’t interested in you, but don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea! 😉 

Although, it’s not until you interact with these majestic creatures that you realise how easy it is to harmoniously coexist. However, when interacting with some other species of shark, risk can be minimised through increased awareness and responsible ocean practices. At Cooly Eco Adventures, our first priority is your safety. Our knowledgeable and experienced crew are devoted to educating our guests on how to behave and interact with sharks and other marine life. Our guides are in the water with you, constantly assessing the conditions and wildlife to give maximum comfort and understanding, ensuring your safety and enjoyment! 

The crew at Cooly Eco Adventures have seen firsthand just how important our choices are, and the impacts they have on our environment. This daily reminder puts our eco-conscious decisions front-of-mind. Our mission is education and conservation, by showing you the wonders of the ocean and the life it breathes to our planet.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the wonders of the underwater world in their natural habitat with us!


Swim with Whales on the Gold Coast. Exclusive to Cooly Eco Adventures

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